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Where will the medals go? There is no guarantee that the Nigerian 4 x 400m relay team who finished second at the 2000 Sydney Games will ever be made champions. American Jerome Young had tested positive for nandrolone in 1999 and had wrongly been cleared to run, but as he did not compete in the final his team-mates won a court ruling allowing them to keep the medals. Despite Antonio Pettigrew's recent admission that he was taking banned drugs, the International Olympic Committee have no power to strip the entire team of their medals.
Simon Hart
Johnson's gold medals Olympic Games 1992 Barcelona 4 x 400m relay 1996 Atlanta 200m 1996 Atlanta 400m 2000 Sydney 400m 2000 Sydney 4 x 400m relay World Championships 1991 Tokyo 200m 1993 Stuttgart 400m 1993 Stuttgart 4 x 400m relay 1995 Gothenburg 200m 1995 Gothenburg 400m 1995 Gothenburg 4 x 400m relay 1997 Athens 400m 1999 Seville 400m 1999 Seville 4 x 400m relay

After several weeks of performing external rotator cuff work I prescribed, he power snatched 286 pounds for 3 reps. In fact, working these muscles also helped his pressing strength, because after six months of training he increased his incline bench press, using a 3-inch-thick bar, from 285 pounds to 525!” (find this quote HERE )   I’ve never been able to raise anyone’s incline press 240lbs in 6 months from focusing on shoulder external rotation. I’m pretty sure it was the incline presses you prescribed, not the external rotation imbalance.

Adam400m steroids

adam400m steroids


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