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THE late Bruce Tegnér, as I wrote in Manuals On Mayhem in the 1980’s, was a most unappreciated and unfortunately maligned martial arts innovator. Well ahead of his time, Tegnér sought to dispel the widely touted nonsense that so many in the martial arts were eagerly propagating. He practicalized self-defense. And although we have a few strong points of disagreement with certain aspects of Bruce Tegnér’s doctrine, he is one of the very few people in the martial arts who we never knew personally, yet wish we did have the pleasure of knowing. (You might have guessed that William Fairbairn and Pat O’Neill are two others whose contributions in the field of close combat we revere and credit with teaching us much, as well as contributing to our own System’s development, and who we wish we had met and known personally!).

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Big cat steroid articles

big cat steroid articles


big cat steroid articlesbig cat steroid articlesbig cat steroid articlesbig cat steroid articlesbig cat steroid articles