Define androgenic steroids

Because hyperandrogenism can appear as a symptom of numerous different genetic and medical conditions, it is difficult to make a general statement on whether hyperandrogenic symptoms can be passed from parent to offspring. However, a collection of the conditions with hyperandrogenic symptoms, including polycystic ovary syndrome, have been observed as hereditary in certain cases. One potential cause of polycystic ovary syndrome is maternal hyperandrogenism, where the hormonal irregularities of the mother can affect the development of the child during gestation, resulting in the passing of polycystic ovary syndrome from mother to child. [25]

Because of the significant association of insulin resistance and obesity with PCOS, therapy to reduce insulin resistance is appropriate. Diet, exercise, and weight loss should be prescribed for all women with PCOS. Diet therapy, consisting of decreased total caloric intake and an appropriately mixed high-fiber diet, in addition to a daily exercise program to induce weight loss, have been shown to reduce androgen production. A modest weight loss of 7 to 15 pounds with an appropriate exercise program are all that is needed to relieve menstrual and biochemical abnormalities. 8

Define androgenic steroids

define androgenic steroids


define androgenic steroidsdefine androgenic steroidsdefine androgenic steroidsdefine androgenic steroidsdefine androgenic steroids