Equivalent doses of steroid inhalers

I know a person who had several surgeries and many procedures where they were put under anesthesia. Well, that is to say they could not put the person under because the anesthesia did not work. They had to use extremely high amount that would have killed most people. The person woke up multiple times during the procedures. Then using anesthesia for dental sedation the nurse said they used 50 times more medication than normal. Now this person has a chronic pain disease and doctors are saying 100 mg equivalent is all they can have and doctors are scared that the federal government will charge them with a crime for not following guidelines. Just saying everyone is different and the government should allow states to set up practice guidelines. Everyone reacts differently to medications. This person is in extreme pain due to the government not allowing doctors to treat the patient properly. This is malpractice by the government. True story.

It follows that the additional radiation exposure due to eating a banana lasts only for a few hours after ingestion, . the time it takes for the normal potassium content of the body to be restored by the kidneys. The EPA conversion factor, on the other hand, is based on the mean time needed for the isotopic mix of potassium isotopes in the body to return to the natural ratio after being disturbed by the ingestion of pure 40 K, which was assumed by EPA to be 30 days. [10] If the assumed time of residence in the body is reduced by a factor of ten, for example, the estimated equivalent absorbed dose due to the banana will be reduced in the same proportion.

The International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission continue to use the old terminology of quality factors and dose equivalent. The NRC quality factors are independent of linear energy transfer, though not always equal to the ICRP radiation weighting factors. [9] The NRC's definition of dose equivalent is "the product of the absorbed dose in tissue, quality factor, and all other necessary modifying factors at the location of interest." However, it is apparent from their definition of effective dose equivalent that "all other necessary modifying factors" excludes the tissue weighting factor. [17] The radiation weighting factors for neutrons are also different between US NRC and the ICRP - see accompanying diagram.

Equivalent doses of steroid inhalers

equivalent doses of steroid inhalers


equivalent doses of steroid inhalersequivalent doses of steroid inhalersequivalent doses of steroid inhalersequivalent doses of steroid inhalersequivalent doses of steroid inhalers