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Ew! Dobb's new wife provided the old geezer with a tipitiwitchet all his own to play with. Ew! Even worse, Dobb's new wife---young Justina Davis--was only 15! Ew!

The rude interpretation of the plant was eventually translated into Latin, which commemorates both Venus (the goddess of Love and Sex!!), and also the plant's capturing capabilities. But it is important to observe that the specific name, " muscipula " does not mean flytrap. That would be " muscicapa ." The Latin muscipula means mousetrap! So when Ellis chose the Latin genus and species epithets, he chose something to recall forever the notion of the love-goddess' grasping device that captures unwary little mammals. You nasty man!

I end with a postscript to this sordid tale of obsession with female genitalia, a contribution to the tale made by yours truly. In my 2006 book, Growing Carnivorous Plants, I established the cultivar name for a Venus flytrap clone that had been in circulation for many years, but which no one had ever bothered to name. It is the pure green plant, that produces no red pigmentation at all, no matter how much light it gets. I named the plant Dionaea 'Justina Davis' to pay honor to little Justina Davis, Dobb's wife:
Dionaea 'Justina Davis'

A midwife and doula are not the same thing. A doula's job is to provide non-medical, emotional, and personal support to a woman throughout her pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum experience. A certified nurse midwife is a medical health care professional that manages the overall general health of the mother and baby; for example, performs exams, orders laboratory tests, and procedures, and performs fetal monitoring from the pregnant woman's first prenatal visit to post-partum and aftercare. A midwife can deliver the baby, whereas a doula cannot.

A midwife usually tries to minimize the use of unnecessary technological interventions. A midwife cannot perform C-sections, use vacuums or forceps during labor and delivery. Midwives generally work with an Obstetrician (a doctor that specializes in pregnancy, birth, and women's reproductive health) when medical intervention by a specialist is necessary.

A doula does not require a medical degree, but requires certification in some states. Certification for nurse-midwife in the US requires a certification from the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB). Entrance into the AMCB program requires a Bachelor's Degree and a licensed RN degree. AMBC certification is a Master's Degree program.


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Female genitalia on steroids

female genitalia on steroids


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