Lymphoma biopsy steroids

      Gammaglutamyl transferase is elevated in a number of hepatobiliary conditions (nearly all forms of biliary disease and cholestasis will be associated with a raised GGT (1)). These include:

I got a small painless lump on my left cheek at my jaw joint. I asked my dentist who x-rayed it and he said It's a cyst and not to worry about it. Two months later I went to my primary care physician (PCP) who said it was probably a leak on my jaw joint and not to worry about it. I asked who would look at it if I wanted to have it biopsied. He told me to go to an ENT. I got an appointment about 2 months later thinking nothing major and she said it looked like either benign or cancerous parotid gland neoplasm. She was very surprised when the biopsy came back as follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I eventually had chemotherapy and now am in remission. I later got a biopsy of a basal cell carcinoma and asked for the biopsy report from a previous lesion two years ago on my wrist. It was prurigo nodularis that can be an indicator of an internal malignancy. Who knew! My oncologist said if I had been diagnosed at the dental or PCP visit then it's likely we could have had a cure with radiation, but the lymph nodes were enlarged also near my lower neck ruling out radiation treatment.

Lymphoma biopsy steroids

lymphoma biopsy steroids


lymphoma biopsy steroidslymphoma biopsy steroidslymphoma biopsy steroidslymphoma biopsy steroidslymphoma biopsy steroids