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Dear Mother of Perpetual help, please pray for me. I Thank you for all the help I am receiving from you . I completely place my trust in your care and so far I’m improving with dealing with my anxiety and insomnia. I ask you to interced for me in letting go all negativity holding me back and for me to live in the present and not be afraid of the unknow or future. I have received tremendous support from loved ones, all who has prayed for me and professionals in dealing as best I can with my mental health. Through this may God’s healing for me continue to succeed. I want to keep with great gratitude God’s love, your love, all whose prayers for me were listened to and all who helped in their own way, Thank you xxx

Hi Matt,
Thank you so so much of this content, I’m new to this and most of this info is new. I’m in the throws of setting up an commerce site, and am stuck between an untested developer, learning to do it myself or Shopify. I’m not rich on time. Any thoughts on Shopify? I think it’s expensive as they take a percentage of transaction fee and I’m not sure how evolved their SEO techniques are. Or how about starting on Shopify and then tweaking everything on WordPress in the background??
Be grateful for your thoughts

The BNFc suggests that 1-2mg/kg prednisolone is appropriate to give in croup “prior to sending the child to hospital”. This would be easier to give/prescribe I think in general practice than the oral dexamethasone which comes in very large bottles. Either wears off after a while so our practice in the ED is to observe them for 2-3 hours post corticosteroid administration and if they present in the evening we tend to admit them overnight. The Cochrane work suggests that dexamethasone is less likely to lead to readmission than prednisolone. As far as corticosteroids in croup go, I’ve only ever used dexamethasone (and nebulised budesonide years ago which works but is more expensive than dex and no better).
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Matthew dear steroids

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