Pharyngitis treatment steroids

Diagnosis is made by examining the throat, observing its appearance, and feeling the neck for swollen lymph nodes. Because viral and bacterial pharyngitis can look the same, a throat culture is often used to determine if bacteria is present. The throat is swabbed with cotton and the sample is sent to a laboratory for culture and analysis. It takes more than 24 hours to obtain results. A rapid strep test may be performed and analyzed in the physician's office; results are available in about 15 minutes. This test is not as reliable and negative results must be confirmed by culture.

Hi Admin …. i caught a cold last year and after that my throat infection persists .. i never had such issue before … i did MRI scan, CT Scan did septoplasty Surgery as well but no improvements at all my tonsils looks congested but are not enlarged neither red…. the area which is inflamed and swell is posterior wall of pharynx it have some nodules kind of infection on both sides… had every possible antibiotic with no improvement. did had laser therapy once but infection strike back again . I dont have much problem while eating or drinking but once my mouth gets dry or weather gets dry my pharynx area swells alot this thing is continously going on for year now … taken every possible medication with no improve ment only thing which temperory gives relief is gargle with AVC ….. Kindly please give any suggestion… my blood tests everything are normal.

Pharyngitis treatment steroids

pharyngitis treatment steroids


pharyngitis treatment steroidspharyngitis treatment steroidspharyngitis treatment steroidspharyngitis treatment steroidspharyngitis treatment steroids