Que pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroides

peperas = women mostly scores or bricheras who put pills in the drinks of their victim in order to drug them and steal their moeny or something worse like a liver or a kidney.
te atrasaron = Someone got something from you mostly your girlfriend.
gilero = a guy who use to flirt with all the women.
picaflor = a guy who has more than oone girlfriend.
pisado =
laca = lacagada. literaly the shit. But is used as an interjection when something is worng.
nica = ni cagando = no way.
jebe = rubber = condom
poncho = is a traditional clothe from the andes but the phrase usar poncho is also used as to use condom.
estar quemado = to have STDS
estar palteado = to have problems
ser cuadriculado = it comes from squeare is used to call someone to be too schematic, formal, conventional or have a squares brain because is not open mind.
friki = freak
mandado = somebody bold to flirt with the girls or someone shameless.
el richi = the meal
un wiro = a cigarrete of marijuana

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Lesson 2-058:

  • Introduce the preterit of the verb 'IR'
  • Answer the question: ¿Adónde fuiste...?
  • Introduce comparisons
  • The structure of the sentences with comparisons: First person or thing + verbo + más + a noun, an adjective or an adverb + que + second person or thing
  • Use adjectives to compare: grande/pequeño, feo/bonito, nuevo/viejo, alto/bajo, gordo/delgado, largo/corto
  • Recognize some nouns we can use to do comparisons: dinero, trabajo, carros, amigos, tiempo
  • Introduce the adjectives: manso/agresivo, rápido/lento to do comparisons
  • Introduce the adverbs: tarde/temprano, lejos/cerca

Que pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroides

que pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroides


que pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroidesque pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroidesque pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroidesque pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroidesque pasa si soy gordo y tomo esteroides