Small testicles on steroids

Men are understandably concerned when they notice spots on the penis. So, what is best to do in this case? 

First of all, do not make the situation worse! For that reason do not try to squeeze anything! Squeezing might cause an additional inflammation, which can spread the bacteria that caused the pimple and lead to spreading pimples and possible scarring. Clean your skin several times daily with pH neutral soap, but do not exaggerate, since this could lead to other problems. If you suffer from swelling, apply an ice pack, which should reduce swelling, redness and pain. 

However, if you feel your condition isn't just pimples, it is highly recommended to see doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible.  

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Small testicles on steroids

small testicles on steroids


small testicles on steroidssmall testicles on steroidssmall testicles on steroids