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I have always been an active person, and about 2 years ago I strained both my achilles tendons.  Physio and care fixed the problem, but I then promptly developed a bursa on my right ankle at the end of the achilles tendon.  This was extremely painful, and even walking became difficult with me resorting to rotating the foot outwards, and trying to drag it sideways as I walked.  Very painful!   I tried traditional physio – ultrasound, laser, and stretching, etc. but to no avail.  After suffering for 7 months with no respite, I tried shockwave therapy which is an exceptionally painful sonic hammering!   This cost me $650 and had no beneficial results.   The only thing I could do without pain was cycle with my shoes locked to pedals.

Turn your love of fitness into a full or part time career. The Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness is a University course offering a university accredited professional qualification. We offer a choice of day or evening courses based in Dublin City Centre. Both courses are part time and are accredited by the University of Limerick.
Graduates work in gyms, leisure centres and fitness clubs or they set up their own businesses. You can see that this course offers the highest qualifications (QQI Level 6 and EQF Level 5) if you examine the fitness instructor courses and personal trainer courses on offer in Dublin. You will not find a higher standard as this is the only university accredited qualification for this type of course available in Dublin.

Steroid user testimonials

steroid user testimonials


steroid user testimonialssteroid user testimonialssteroid user testimonialssteroid user testimonialssteroid user testimonials