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Is what they teach the only way? No. Is what I am writing a 100% accurate depiction of what they do and teach? Unlikely. This is what I took from this seminar. I loved every minute of it. The concept that athletes can be so successful without completely over complicating the teaching of the lifts is sort of enlightening. Why? Because that means there isn’t some magic technique to make you lift a world record. You have to get it right, then work your ass off. After that, you have to do it some more. My day was made after spending just a minute with Ilya showing him some video of my lifts, he said my technique was “very good” and if I can just stay over the bar a little longer I could snatch 172. That, and to fix my jerk I need to “Jump more”, as he put it… in English. Bonus material included while I was training- Klokov called me either a “Strong man” or “strong for American”… There was some debate about it but I’m going to go with the first one. Ultimately it was awesome and if you weren’t there, you should have been. It was great to get the information about their system directly from them, rather than so-called experts who spout their interpretation without ever having exchanged a word.

I went to one of the seminars put on at Waxman’s by Norwood Weightlifting and Vasiliy Polovnikov. The reason for for this type of block is to “feel” the energy of the bar and for timing. It gives you a stopping point and is not meant to be a load bearing block. They discussed a lot of rhythm implementation and I am sure a lot of people have seen videos of Klokov doing repetitive snatch high pulls…this would be a tool they would use for such movements. This was my take away, I don’t want to put words in their mouths.

Vasiliy polovnikov steroids

vasiliy polovnikov steroids


vasiliy polovnikov steroidsvasiliy polovnikov steroidsvasiliy polovnikov steroidsvasiliy polovnikov steroidsvasiliy polovnikov steroids